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AVENE - ANTIROUGEUS Rosacea-Prone Skin Antirougeurs Relief Fort Concentrate for Chronic Redness, 30ml

Description Daily care cream for sensitive and reactive skin prone to localised redness with visibl..

18.69€ 13.04€
Ex Tax: 10.52€


Innovation BIODERMA, the biological complex patented Aquagenium®*, stimulates the cellular capacitie..

21.39€ 13.47€
Ex Tax: 10.86€

DARPHIN Hydraskin Intensive Moisturizing Serum for All skin types 30ml

DARPHIN Hydraskin Intensive Moisturizing Serum Reformulated with Extreme Hydration Complex, Darphin..

51.99€ 28.59€
Ex Tax: 23.06€

DARPHIN Lumiere Essentielle Illuminating Oil Serum for All skin types and all ages 30ml

DARPHIN Lumiere Essentielle Illuminating Oil Serum Illuminating Oil Serum Light is the essence of ..

61.99€ 29.13€
Ex Tax: 23.49€

LA ROCHE POSAY - HYDRAPHASE INTENSE SERUM Rehydrating Concentrated Gel, Bottle with pump 30ml

Rehydrates sensitive skin. Reduces skin tightness. A formula highly concentrated in active ingredie..

26.16€ 17.52€
Ex Tax: 14.13€

VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL Rehydrating Serum 30ml

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rehydrating Serum 30ml Did you know that every day the skin loses about 500ml..

26.30€ 17.03€
Ex Tax: 13.73€

Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Serum 50ml

Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Serum 50mlAn extremely refreshing and moisturizing ser..

83.70€ 58.59€
Ex Tax: 47.25€

APIVITA - Aqua Beelicious Refreshing Hydrating Booster 30ml

Apivita Aqua Beelicious Refreshing Hydrating Booster, 30mlMulti-purpose booster with water-gel textu..

23.00€ 14.94€
Ex Tax: 12.05€

Apivita Bee Radiant White Peony & Patented Propolis Glow Activating & Anti-fatigue Serum 30ml

Apivita Bee Radiant Shine Activation Serum for a Relaxed FaceA new level in skin protection & re..

36.99€ 24.04€
Ex Tax: 19.39€

AVENE - CLEANANCE Comedomed Anti-Blemishes Concentrate 30ml

Reduces pimples and black spots and reduces the appearance of new imperfectionsActions    ..

20.99€ 13.65€
Ex Tax: 11.01€

AVENE - Eau Thermale Radiance Serum Eclat 30ml

Avene Les Essentiels Serum Eclat harness skin's natural radiance with this lightweight, advanced for..

29.95€ 20.97€
Ex Tax: 16.91€

Avene A-Oxitive Serum, 30ml

Avene A-Oxitive Antioxidant Defense SerumLightweight, soft and discreetly flavored with a non-sticky..

39.93€ 25.16€
Ex Tax: 20.29€

Glamglow Superserum 6-Acid Refining Treatment, 30ml

Glamglow Superserum 6-Acid Refining TreatmentThe new Glamglow Superserum 6-Acid Refining Treatment i..

81.67€ 53.07€
Ex Tax: 42.80€

INTERMED LUXURIOUS Sun Care Sunscreen Serum SPF30 50ml

Luxurious Sun Care Sunscreen Face Serum SPF30With Hyaluronic, Ceramides, Vitamin E & Provitamin ..

19.42€ 11.66€
Ex Tax: 9.40€

Korres Greek Yoghurt Comforting Probiotic Serum, 30ml

Korres Greek Yoghurt Comforting Probiotic SerumEnhanced Face Serum with Greek Yogurt for balanced, s..

24.34€ 17.04€
Ex Tax: 13.74€

La Roche Posay Effaclar Ultra Concentrated Serum, 30ml

La Roche Posay EffaclarUltra Concentrated SerumThe new EFFACLAR Serum High Concentration Serum is de..

31.00€ 20.77€
Ex Tax: 16.75€

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum with Neurosensine 0.1% for Very Sensitive Skin 20ml

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum for Very Sensitive SkinDaily, soothing serum with N..

25.99€ 17.41€
Ex Tax: 14.04€

Mediterranean Youth - My Detox Face Serum 30ml

MY DETOX FACE SERUM – HYDRATION, DETOXwith caper, olive and aloe, 30 mlA serum rich in natural activ..

38.44€ 24.80€
Ex Tax: 20.00€

NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Supercharged Capsule-in Serum 30ml

Face Moisturizer SerumThe Hydro Boost Face Moisturizer intensively hydrates the skin, smoothes out f..

18.39€ 13.79€
Ex Tax: 11.12€