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Brand: Darphin
DARPHIN Melaperfect Anti Dark Spots Hyper Pigmentation Correcting Foundation SPF15 Progressive dark spots reduction skin care. UV Protection SPF 15. ven complexion, natural tan. With daily use, pigmented spots are visibly reduced. Skin is protected thanks to its SPF15 UV protection. Darphin Mela..
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Brand: Darphin
DARPHIN Melaperfect Base Anti Dark Spots Perfecting Treatment This silky emulsion has the power to harmonize the complexion, visibly reduce dark spots and beautify the skin. The SELECTIV MELA SYSTEM™ technological skincare helps minimize the appearance of dark spots, and helps block the visible rec..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Corrective 30 mlCorrective whitening cream for topic use. Direct and rapid action for face, neck, hands and décolleté.Indications: Direct and rapid whitening action Age spots Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars, or medication, cosmetics or fragrance useStudies: ● Effectiv..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Day Cream SPF15 50 ml Whitening day cream for face, neck and décolleté.Indications:Prevention of all types of dyschromias Age spots Melasma (brown patches due to pregnancy). Melasma prevention Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars, or medication, cosmetics, fragrance use..
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Brand: Frezyderm
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Brand: Frezyderm
Night Cream 50 ml Night cream for face, neck and décolletéIndications:Age spots Melasma Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars or medication, cosmetics or fragrances useStudies: ● Effectiveness study ● Challenge test ● Safety evaluationUse: Apply at night on clea..
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Brand: Hydrovit
Cream with decolourizing and antioxidant action Contains: Vitamin C-PMg (micro-complex with Magnesium and Ascorbic Acid), Anti-spot extracts (Herbal Extracts Moore, Rixipetras, Root Skoutellarias and grapes), Vitamin E, Squalene, TiO2 (Protection from UV radiation) Use:In pigmented lesions suc..
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