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Brand: Frezyderm
Corrective 30 mlCorrective whitening cream for topic use. Direct and rapid action for face, neck, hands and décolleté.Indications: Direct and rapid whitening action Age spots Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars, or medication, cosmetics or fragrance useStudies: ● Effectiv..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Day Cream SPF15 50 ml Whitening day cream for face, neck and décolleté.Indications:Prevention of all types of dyschromias Age spots Melasma (brown patches due to pregnancy). Melasma prevention Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars, or medication, cosmetics, fragrance use..
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Brand: Frezyderm
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Brand: Frezyderm
Night Cream 50 ml Night cream for face, neck and décolletéIndications:Age spots Melasma Pigmentation caused by inflammations, scars or medication, cosmetics or fragrances useStudies: ● Effectiveness study ● Challenge test ● Safety evaluationUse: Apply at night on clea..
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Brand: Hydrovit
Cream with decolourizing and antioxidant action Contains: Vitamin C-PMg (micro-complex with Magnesium and Ascorbic Acid), Anti-spot extracts (Herbal Extracts Moore, Rixipetras, Root Skoutellarias and grapes), Vitamin E, Squalene, TiO2 (Protection from UV radiation) Use:In pigmented lesions suc..
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Brand: ISDIN
ISDIN Photo Ultra 100 Active Unify Fusion Fluid SPF50 + 50 mlCleanses and offers a uniform color tone to the skin.Helps reduce and prevent dark spots caused by the sun.Visible results after one month.Benefits:DP3-Unify Complex helps regulate melanin production, affecting the basic stages of melanoge..
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Brand: ISDIN
Unifying Tone Corrective Serum Melaclear Isdin Skin Color Serum 15 mlCorrective serum, which helps prevent and treat dark spots, reducing both their size and total numberSpotsPanadesDouble colors Contains a powerful complex of active ingredients, which gradually restores and homogenizes skin to..
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Brand: ISDIN
ISDIN Pigment Expert & Night Peel-Skin Color Correction Serum and Exfoliating Night Peeling, 10x2ml & 10x2mlCorrective serum, which helps prevent and treat dark spots, reducing both their size and total numberPeelingSpotsPanadesContains:Alpha Complex, Glycolic Acid and Hydraboost, which are ..
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