Moisturizing creams

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Hydration of sensitive skins, normal to combination. Avene Matting Hydrating Fluid 50ml is a mattin..

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BIODERMA - SEBIUM GLOBAL (acne prone skins) 30ml

Intense purifying dermatological treatment for acne-prone skin with severe blemishes. This skin has ..

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All skin types, even oily, need moisturising as they can occasionally become dried out and/or irrita..

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Sébium Mat acts immediately and durably on all the causes of the cutaneous brightness: - The phenom..

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CASTALIA - DERMOPUR Crème Matifiante Teintée - 40ml

CASTALIA - DERMOPUR Crème Matifiante Teintée - 40ml..

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HYDROVIT Anti-Acne Cream, 50ml

Cream for the daily treatment of acne and oily Includes: Micro-complex Tea Tree Oil and cyclodextri..

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LA ROCHE POSAY - EFFACLAR DUO+ cream anti-mark 40ml

Effaclar Duo + Cream 40ml La Roche-Posay on sale in our pharmacy bio. Effaclar Duo + Cream 40ml La R..

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LA ROCHE POSAY - EFFACLAR DUO+ Unifiant 40ml - Medium Shade

Unifying Corrective Face Cream Effaclar Duo [+] is a complete skincare product that combines 4 acti..

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LA ROCHE POSAY - EFFACLAR H Soothing Compensation Moisturizer, 40 ml tube

Moisturises oily skin weakened by drying skin care products. EFFACLAR H moisturizes oily skin weake..

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LA ROCHE POSAY - EFFACLAR MAT Sebo-regulating moisturizer. Anti-shine, anti-enlarged pores, 40 ml tube

Reduce pores and sebum flow. And keep skin matt. Day after day, acts at the source for a two fold p..

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VICHY NORMADERM Soin Embellisseur Anti Imperfections Hydratation 24h 50ml

Day cream for imperfections Care in the relief fixes the five symptoms of adult skin with imperfect..

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AVENE - Tolerance Extreme Emulsion Legere 50ml

Moisturizes and soothes all sensitive skin with the utmost respect.The care that listens skin physio..

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AVENE - Tolerance Extreme Riche Cream 50ml

Avene Tolerance Extreme Cream for Hypersensitive and Allergic Skin 50mlHydrates and soothes hyp..

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URIAGE Hyseac 3-Regul Global Skin Care 40ml

Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul Global Skin-Care 40mlIndications: Care for oily skin with imperfections.Triple..

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