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Injuries - Healing

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Brand: Avéne
AVENE,CICALFATE HAND REPAIR CREME 100ml An anti-bacterial skin recovery cream clinically proven to help with the healing process and reduce the signs of scarring. Indication Cuts, scrapes, scratches Burns Cracked skin Stitches Hair removal Diaper rash Post-treatment Skin type Wounded skin Benefi..
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Brand: Bepanthol
Regeneration & Hydration cream for irritated skin Regeneration and hydration for irritated and sensitive skin (from sun, rashes, cold, dryness, etc.). The cream contains 5% Bepanthol provitamin B5 which supports the regeneration and treatment of irritated and sensitive skin (from sun, rashes, cold..
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Brand: Avéne
A-Derma Epitheliale A.H. UltraSoothing Repair CreamSoothing remedial cream, for fragile skin after superficial dermatological and epidermal operations that present a risk of skin signs. Tested effectiveness after exfoliation, laser application * and tattooing.* Superficial dermatological surgeriesTh..
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Brand: Avéne
Avene Cicalfate+ Purifying Cleansing Gel is a non-drying gel that cleanses and at the same time soothes irritated skin. Its cool blue texture spreads very gently on the skin without causing additional discomfort in the affected area, keeping it clean and contributing to the normal healing process.Be..
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Brand: Avéne
Avene Cicalfate+ Gel CicatriceAvene Cicalfate + Gel Cicatrice is particularly suitable for recent scars (after re-epidermis) in adults and is suitable for any skin that shows signs associated with superficial skin lesions or superficial dermatological operations.The composition of Avene Cicalfate + ..
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Brand: Avéne
Avene fragrance-free body cream specially designed for dry skin. It contains active moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that leave the skin soft and smooth, while at the same time nourishing and protecting the skin. In addition, it soothes irritations by helping to rebuild the skin barrier...
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Brand: Avéne
Avene Eau Thermale Cicalfate+ CremeThe restorative protective cream soothes, repairs * and cleanses the irritated skin of the whole family every day.Advantages:Restorative, protective and with very good tolerance, Cicalfate + is the cream for irritations of the whole family. Even greater effectivene..
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Brand: Bepanthol
Gel for Healing Wounds & Superficial BurnsBepanthene Hydrogel is suitable for:    Minor injuriesAbrasions/CutsSuperficial burnsCracked skinClinically proven x5 complete healing compared to plain pad after 12 days of use1*Thanks to the special "Smart Hydrogel" technology Bepanthene..
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Brand: Heremco
Histoplastin Red Regenerating and Regenerating Cream, 30mlHistoplastin Red® cream is a powerful regenerative, regenerative and regenerative combination of three natural substances that have been dispersed in virgin yellow beeswax.Intended for intensive skin care and for the rapid restoration of its ..
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Brand: ISDIN
Cream for the dermatological care of scars as it enhances the skin's natural repair process and contributes to their visible reduction...
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