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Durex - Extra Safe, 6 pic.

Slightly thicker. With extra lubrication. For those who want the ultimate reassurance Just because ..

7.79€ 5.21€
Ex Tax: 4.20€

Durex - Natural, 6 pic.

Durex Natural 6 wearable condoms made from natural latex rubber with seminal outcome, transparent, w..

7.79€ 5.21€
Ex Tax: 4.20€

Durex - Play Perfect Glide, 50ml

New Durex Play Perfect Glide is proven to last 3 x longer than our bestselling water-based lubricant..

9.71€ 6.51€
Ex Tax: 5.25€

Durex - Total Contact 6 condoms

Super thin condoms for great sensitivity. 20% thinner than standard condoms without loosing anyt..

8.89€ 5.95€
Ex Tax: 4.80€


Play Soothing Massage gel allows you to enjoy a soothing massage and can also be used as a lube for ..

13.09€ 8.78€
Ex Tax: 7.08€


Durex presents the new Play Massage Stimulating containing Guarana. Guarana is a climbing plant nat..

13.08€ 8.77€
Ex Tax: 7.07€

INTERMED Eva Douche Baking Soda pH 9.0 147ml

Use: Recommended for women who suffer from trichomoniasis vaginitis or because of the microbe gardne..

6.00€ 3.78€
Ex Tax: 3.05€

INTERMED Eva Douche Chamomile 147ml

Vaginal wash with chamomile. Cleansing and relief. Eva Douche Chamomile is a specially designed di..

6.00€ 3.77€
Ex Tax: 3.04€

INTERMED Eva Intima Fresh & Clean Maxi size Towelettes, 12 pic

INTERMED Eva Intima Fresh & Clean Towelettes 12 sachets Cleaning and deodorizing solution for the d..

4.63€ 2.90€
Ex Tax: 2.34€

INTERMED Eva Restore 10 pic

Vaginal suppositories with hyaluronic acid. Healing and relief of vaginal mucosa. The Eva Restore ..

24.73€ 16.52€
Ex Tax: 13.32€

INTERMED Eva Vagil 60ml

Personal Lubricant Lubrication and protection. The Eva Vagil is a specially designed free flowing ..

13.39€ 8.43€
Ex Tax: 6.80€

OMEGA PHARMA - Lactacyd Intimo, 400ml

gentle enough to use every day  Lactacyd Femina Daily Protective Wash is a unique, new, soap-free d..

5.67€ 3.81€
Ex Tax: 3.59€

OMEGA PHARMA - Predictor Early and Express Double (2 pic)

Predictor Early and Express Double 76% of women want to confirm the outcome of pregnancy resulting ..

16.37€ 8.51€
Ex Tax: 6.86€

POWER HEALTH - Mens-X complex, 32 effervescent tablets

Mens-X complex The natural course of erectile dysfunction! Mens-X complex is a natural food supple..

33.62€ 21.18€
Ex Tax: 17.08€

Vitabiotics - Menopace Night Tablets 30 Capsules

Menopace night is an advanced supplement of 24 nutrients scientifically Provides vitamin D3, magnes..

26.35€ 16.59€
Ex Tax: 13.38€

Vitabiotics - Pregnacare His & Her Conception, Dual Pack 60's

Pregnacare® His - Her Conception now provides the opportunity for couples to take a convenient- bala..

30.45€ 19.18€
Ex Tax: 15.47€