Infant Food

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HIPP - HiPP Biscuit-cream from the 6 month 500gr

HiPP Biscuit-cream from the 6 month Biscuit-cream HiPP of organically grown grains, from the sixth ..

9.32€ 7.48€
Ex Tax: 6.03€

HIPP - Hipp Organic Baby Biscuits, 150 gr - 30 pic

Hipp Organic baby biscuits with delicious taste and rich in nutrients for infants 8 + monthsSinc..

4.87€ 3.91€
Ex Tax: 3.15€

HiPP Baby Muesli with fruit no added sugar 200gr

Hipp Baby Muesli with fruit, no added sugar 200gr In order to present the right diet of your child,..

3.56€ 3.20€
Ex Tax: 2.58€

HiPP Hipp Baby Apple Bisquits (from 12 Months) 29 Bisquits 150g

Hipp Baby Apple Bisquits from 12 Months 29 Bisquits 150g Smooth and tasty, with apple taste. Rich ..

3.71€ 3.22€
Ex Tax: 2.85€

HiPP Cerels cream with milk and biscuit No sugar added (from 6th month) 450gr

Hipp Bio Cereal Cream with Milk, 450grOrganic milk porridge Good night - without added sugarGrain is..

7.09€ 6.37€
Ex Tax: 5.64€

HiPP Cream 5 cereals (for enfants from 6th month) No sugar - No milk added 200gr

Hipp Baby Cream 5 Cereals 200grHipp baby cream with 5 cereals is an organic baby cream for babies ov..

4.09€ 3.68€
Ex Tax: 3.26€

HiPP Farin Lacte with corn flour and banana 500gr (from 6th month)

HiPP Farida Lactones Goodnight For Infants From 6 Months 500grSince whole grains & banana organi..

8.50€ 6.81€
Ex Tax: 6.03€

HiPP Κρέμα Bio Farin Lacte Semolina and Banana 450gr (from 6th month)

Hipp Farin Lacte & Banana Age 6 Months, 500gWith whole grain cereals & organic banana.Contai..

7.09€ 6.37€
Ex Tax: 5.64€

HiPP Μillet 4Μ Hypoallergenic Milk Cereal Milk with Rice & Corn 350g

Hipp Cream 4Μ Μillet 350gHiPP Hypoallergenic Milk Cereal Milk with Rice & Corn 350gWith pre..

5.91€ 5.15€
Ex Tax: 4.56€