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Infant & Children's Sunscreen

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Brand: Frezyderm
Sunscreen for infants and children from 12 months onwards Frezyderm Infant Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 100ml Contains only natural mineral filters and chamomile and is suitable for face and body. Shields and protects cellular DNA from free radicals. Waterproof protective film with blue vegetable colors..
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Brand: Vichy
Vichy Capital Soleil Wet Skin Gel Kids SPF50Moisturizing Composition.It leaves no white marks.Wet Technology. It repels water, protection does not diminish and even remains on wet skin.Very water resistant composition. Ideal for face and body.Protection thanks to the UVA filter system with Mexoryl X..
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Brand: A-Derma
A-Derma Protect Children's Sunscreen Face & Body Cream & Bag SPF50 150mlSun Protection in 3 LevelsProtects with the patented PFDC photoprotective systemStrengthens the skin barrierEnsures cellular defenses, with the patented Barriestolide complex, derived from Rhealba Oat Sprout Oil..
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Brand: A-Derma
A-Derma Protect Promo Sun Spray Kids SPF50 200ml + ΤσαντάκιHigh sun protection specially designed for the fragile skin of the child, with action on three levels: protection, with the patented PFDC photoprotection system Strengthen and protect the skin barrier, thanks to the innovative active in..
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Brand: Apivita
Apivita Sunscreen for infants and infants SPF30 with 100% natural filtersHigh protection against UVA and UVB radiation - Protection against irritation - HydrationSun protection with the purest of mother nature.Hypoallergenic sunscreen high protection cream, specially formulated for sensitive infant ..
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Brand: Apivita
A useful package for high sun protection for children. Along with the favorite moisturizing sunscreen lotion for children GIFT a children's beach bag with a net that removes sand.The set includes:• BEE SUN SAFE Moisturizing sunscreen lotion for children - easy application 200ml: Hypoallergenic ..
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Brand: Avéne
Avene Intense Protect Fragrance Free SPF50 150mlBenefitsOffers high sun protection and prevents irritation.Suitable for use on face and body and suitable for infants, children and adults.It does not sting the eyes.Unscented.Without Paraben...
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Brand: Avéne
Avene Spray Enfant SPF30Children's Sunscreen Spray for Face & BodyHigh protection of the sensitive skin of the face and body of the child.Photocopies III and IV.Sensitive skin to the sun.Skin that is often burned in the sun.After using a very high index (SPF50 +). As it does not contain per..
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Brand: Avéne
Efficacy, safety and pleasure.It benefits from the unique combination of active ingredients "SunSitive protection®", research achievements of the Group Pierre Fabre:- Cluster photoresist active ingredients with complementary and synergistic guaranteed minimum number of chemical filters in the compos..
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Brand: Avéne
Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 +  for kidsVery high protection of the sensitive skin of the child. Effective across the entire spectrum of solar radiation (UVB-UVA long and short). Water resistant. Photostable. Confirmed UVA agreement with the European recommendations. Without perfume. W..
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