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Σας ενημερώνουμε ότι οι ηλεκτρονικές παραγγελίες το διάστημα από 9/8 εώς 16/8 θα εξυπηρετηθούν με την επιστροφή μας. Καλές διακοπές!

Insect Protection

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Brand: Power Health
FLERIANA Insect Repellent Candle With natural geraniol oil Each candle contains the active substance Geranior a natural raw material with insect repellent properties. The vapors of essential oils produced during the burning of wax remove or inactivate mosquitoes and midges and do not bite. 100% ..
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Ripelito 6VP Repellent Bracelet for Mosquitoes 1pc.Bracelet impregnated with natural aromatic substanceDuring the summer months, mosquito, flea, fly, mosquito and other insect bites are common and severe.Vioryl, the company, gives you the solution… .designing the insect repellent silicone bracelet, ..
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Brand: Power Health
Power Health Fleriana After Bite BalmMosquito bites, mosquitoes, moths, bees and other flying summer visitors can annoy us in no time. Fleriana After Bite is the ideal solution for immediate and effective treatment of all kinds of bites.Natural Balm for mosquito bites, mosquitoes, beeswax etc.Reliev..
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