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Brand: Castalia
Ultra-mild, soap-free, sebum regulating shampoo and shower gel designed for oily or acne prone skin.  This unique, intensive formula is effective for treating pimples, blackheads, irritation, shine, and other skin complaints resulting from oily or acne prone skin. Contains wheat protein which stren..
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Brand: Ducray
DUCRAY Sensinol Physio-Protective Shampoo 200ml..
9.21€ 12.80€
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Brand: Frezyderm
FREZYDERM ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO 200 ml Oily dandruff.Manages : Oily dandruff .Offers : Regulation of sebum secretion, ceratolysis, balances hair flora.Studies: Epilation decreased by 45%, oiliness decreased by 57% (clinical study).Use: Loading treatment :  3 times a week. Mainte..
11.40€ 17.79€
Ex Tax:9.19€
Brand: Frezyderm
FREZYDERM MEDIATED SHAMPOO 200 ml Dry dandruff.Manages : Dry dandruff .Offers : Ceratolysis, anti-inflammatory action, reduces dry follicles.Studies: Irritation decreased by 13% (in vitro study).Use: Loading treatment : 3 times a week. Maintenance treatment : 2 times a week. C..
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Brand: Frezyderm
FREZYDERM SEBUM CONTROL LOTION 100 ml Seborrheic dermatitis .Manages : Seborrheic dermatitis, hair psoriasis, irritation, pruritus.Offers : Sebum regulation, mild ceratolysis, soothing action.Studies: Sebum secretion reduced by 44 % (clinical study).Use: Loading treatment :  3 t..
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Brand: Frezyderm
FREZYDERM SEBUM CONTROL SHAMPOO 200 ml Shampoo against seborrheic dermatitis.Manages : Seborrheic dermatitis, hair psoriasis, irritation, pruritus.Offers :Sebum regulation, protection of hair flora, soothing action.Studies: Oiliness decreased by 32% (clinical study).Use: Loading..
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Brand: Korres
With organic extracts of dittany, marjoram & mountain tea from the island of Crete KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS Protect from the development of dandruff and exfoliates the scalp removing the flakes. KEY INGREDIENTS Laurel and Echinacea extracts, known for their antiseptic properties ensure scalp's he..
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