Fat Loss & Tightening

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ELANCYL - Gel Correction Vergetures 75ml

Elancyl Stretch Mark Correction Gel 75ml with vitamin C and Fibrillin reduce the apparition of recen..

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Firming cream for skin care after childbirth or while on diet. It treats sagging skin on the abdomen..

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HEALTH AID - Coffee Slim 60 caps

What are CoffeeSlim™ capsules? HealthAid CoffeeSlim™ is new weight management supplement with essen..

41.90€ 28.38€
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NUXE - BODY Fondant Firming Cream, 200ml

ANTI-AGING, TIGHTENING EFFECT Firming Body Cream - All skin types / Slack areas (thighs, stomach, b..

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OMEGA PHARMA - XL-S MEDICAL Fat Binder Treatment 1 month, 180caps + 60caps Gift!

The XL-S Medical Fat Binder contains the clinically proven fat binding substance LitramineTM and ess..

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Solgar - Lipotropic Factors, 50 / 100 tabs - 50 tablets

Prevent accumulation of fat in the liver of cholesterol-reducing weight-control.  Effective synergi..

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