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APIVITA - BIO-ECO Natural Protection Toothpaste with fennel & propolis

100% natural ingredients bio-eco product certified by ICEA Benefits: Prevents plaque build-up wit..

8.15€ 5.12€
Ex Tax: 4.13€

APIVITA - KIDS 2+ Kids Toothpaste with pomegranate & propolis

98% natural ingredients Benefits: Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, pomegranate and calendul..

7.71€ 4.79€
Ex Tax: 3.86€

APIVITA - Total Protection Toothpaste with propolis & spearmint

98% natural ingredients Benefits: Prevents plaque build-up with propolis, spearmint, lemon, myrrh ..

7.56€ 4.91€
Ex Tax: 3.96€

APIVITA - Whitening Toothpaste with mastic & propolis

98% natural ingredients Benefits: Restores natural teeth whiteness without damaging the enamel wit..

8.13€ 5.12€
Ex Tax: 4.13€

Colgate - Periogard Plus toothpaste, 75ml

Toothpaste Colgate Periogard Plus provides protection against plaque, gingivitis and stone. Clinica..

5.80€ 3.42€
Ex Tax: 2.76€

FREZYDERM - SensiTeeth Kids Tooth Paste 1.000ppm, 50ml

Toothpaste for the first dentition, for infants from 6 months to 3 years old children. Without Fluor..

5.99€ 3.96€
Ex Tax: 3.19€

OMEGA PHARMA - Plac Away Daily Care toothpaste, 75ml

Daily fluoride toothpaste, for lasting protection and control of microbes in the oral cavity. Daily..

6.13€ 4.10€
Ex Tax: 3.31€

PlacAway Thera Plaque Control, 75ml

Fluoride Tootpaste with Citrus Amara Extract 0,35 ‰, for the care and prevention of oral health of c..

7.35€ 4.92€
Ex Tax: 3.97€

ELGYDIUM Anti-Plaque Jumbo 2x100ml

ELGYDIUM Anti-Plaque Jumbo Toothpaste 2 x 100mlELGYDIUM Anti-plaque toothpaste is indicated to preve..

10.47€ 7.12€
Ex Tax: 5.74€

GlaxoSmithKline - Parodontax Extra Fresh Complete Protection 75ml

Parodontax Complete Protection Extra Fresh is a toothpaste to prevent and treat gum bleeding, sympto..

5.99€ 4.02€
Ex Tax: 3.24€

GSK Parodontax Fluoride Ultra Clean for Bleeding Gums 75ml

Parodontax Ultra CleanToothpaste For Bleeding GumsIf you see blood when brushing or flossing, it may..

5.32€ 3.56€
Ex Tax: 2.87€