Contact Lenses Fluids

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ALCON - Opti-Free RepleniSH Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, 300ml

Opti-Free RepleniSH Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution - 300ml Opti-Free RepleniSH retains moistur..

7.87€ 6.70€
Ex Tax: 5.40€

AMVIS - NOVAsoft Aqua, 360ml

NovaSoft Aqua (5 minutes) 360ml An one bottle multi purpose disinfecting solution that cleans, rins..

9.73€ 8.08€
Ex Tax: 6.52€

BAUSCH & LOMB - Biotrue 300ml

The Biotrue is designed to work like your eyes. Studying how the eye works naturally to clean, moist..

10.09€ 8.58€
Ex Tax: 6.92€


Renu® Multiplus™ multi-purpose solution provides a cushion of moisture for your contact lens wear. r..

7.87€ 6.70€
Ex Tax: 5.40€

CIBA VISION - AOSEPT Plus contact lens care solution (hydrogen-peroxe 3%), 360ml

AOSEPT Plus 360ml contact lens care solution (hydrogen-peroxe 3%) with lens case and AODISC for clea..

17.97€ 11.68€
Ex Tax: 9.42€

Amvis Aquasoft 380ml

Amvis Aquasoft 380mlA multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solution that contains sodium hyaluronic a..

9.91€ 8.42€
Ex Tax: 6.79€

Amvis AquaSoft 380ml & Extra Bottle 60ml

Amvis AquaSoft 380ml & Extra Bottle 60mlMultipurpose solution for soft contact lensesContact Len..

9.91€ 8.42€
Ex Tax: 6.79€

Foltene Eyelash And Eyebrow Treatment 6.5ml

Foltene Pharma's specialized eyelash and eyebrow strengthening product is specifically designed for ..

29.95€ 20.66€
Ex Tax: 16.66€