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Brand: Frezyderm
Milky Bath Oil (125ml x 2) CLEANSING- MOISTURIZING-REGENERATION (ACUTE PHASE) Babies, children, adultsIndications:Dry, sensitive, reactive skin Atopy outbreaks Acute phase of atopic dermatitisFragrance, color, parabens freeStudies: ● Safety evaluation ● Effectiveness study..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Frezykeld Cream 40 grPrevention, Enhancement, Smoothing Scars.Indications: Prevents scarring. Improves scar and keloids.Studies: Safety Assessment. Efficacy study.Use: Preventing scarring in healed skin 2 times a day for 8-12 weeks Improving scars 3 times a day, 6-10 months ..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Sunscreen for infants and children from 12 months onwards Frezyderm Infant Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 100ml Contains only natural mineral filters and chamomile and is suitable for face and body. Shields and protects cellular DNA from free radicals. Waterproof protective film with blue vegetable colors..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Vaginal Cleansing pH 4.5. Chamomile, Prebiotics & Echinacea.Reinforcing vaginal ecoflora and supporting personal hygiene. Deodorizing effect. Vaginal Cleansing monodose. Cleansing of vaginal secretions, menstrual residues or contraceptive gel. Relief of dryness, itching, irritation, inflammation..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Frezyderm Intim Vaginal Douche intravaginal cleaning with vinegar & Echinacea ph 3.5 150ml Remove pathological secretions for bacterial vaginosis and enhancing medications In bacterial vaginosis: 1 douche daily for 2-3 days. One hour after can be applied the proposed intravaginal treatment Prote..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Proflamine Cream 40 grProtection, Relief, Skin Regeneration.Indications: Burns of any cause. After invasive operations (dermabrasion, laser)Studies: Safety Assessment. Efficacy study.Use: 2-4 times a day per case.Effect - Active Ingredients: Healing, skin restructuring ..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Soothing, healing gel for thrush and mouth ulcers Soft gel specially for thrush and mouth ulcers. Immediate relief of pain and irritation, reduces inflammation, heals the oral mucosa and protects against microbial growth. Does not contain medicines, preservatives and perfume Indications: Daily p..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Toothpaste for the first dentition, for infants from 6 months to 3 years old children. Without Fluoride and Calcium. With Xylitol 8% and Stevia. Protects first teeth from decay and mouth against microbial growth, while respecting the physiology of the gums. Indications:Daily cleaning of teeth...
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Brand: Frezyderm
Vaginal cleansing PH 9.0 Soda & Echinacea.  Removing pathological secretions of fungal origin or leukorrhea, Candida Vaginitis Vaginal Cleansing Monodose A special solution to remove pathological  secretions of fungal origin or leukorrhea. Assisting medical treatment.Soda: Regulates the vagin..
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Brand: Frezyderm
Volpaderm Nails Treating Gel 25 mlIndications:Convalescence of nail fungi Nail psoriasis Nail dystrophies, discoloration, chaps, stripesStudies: ● Challenge test ● Safety test ● Patch test ● Efficacy testUse: Daily, once a day or as needed. Complete with applicator ..
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