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Lamberts - L-METHIONINE 500MG, 60 CAPS

Amino acids are classified as either essential or non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be syn..

25.95€ 22.06€ Ex Tax: 17.79€

Lamberts - 5-HTP 100mg, 60 tabs

5-HTP, short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, is a derivative of tryptophan, an amino acid that is present i..

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Lamberts - A-Z Multi Vitamin, 20 effervescent tablets

Effervescent multivitamin great tasting mango and pineapple and of course quality Lamberts...

10.27€ 5.74€ Ex Tax: 4.63€

Lamberts - A-Z Multi Vitamins, 30 / 60 Tabs - 30 TABLETS

Lamberts A-Z is a formula of one tablet daily which provides almost all necessary micronutrients, ma..

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Lamberts - Acidophilus Extra 10 (Milk Free), 60 Caps

Our digestive system is colonised by billions of bacteria and most of them are harmless. However, du..

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Lamberts - Acidophilus Extra 4 (Milk Free), 60 Caps

Contains 4 billion friendly bacteria for those who take antibiotics  Our digestive system contains ..

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Lamberts - B-12 1000MCG 60TABS (COBALAMIN)

The pack contains 60 tablets. It belongs to the family of B vitamins and present in small amounts o..

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Lamberts - B-6 50Mg (Pyridoxine), 100Tabs

Vitamin B6, or pyridoxine, is probably involved in more processes in the body than any other B vitam..

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Lamberts - BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids), 180 Caps

There is much interest amongst sports therapists in the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), Leucine, I..

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Lamberts - Betasec Antioxidant, 60 Tabs

The main antioxidants, such as selenium, and the vitamins A, C and E were assumed to be the main wea..

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Lamberts - C-500 Mg T/R, 100Tabs

Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy immune system, healthy bones, teeth and gums and also helps to ..

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Lamberts - Chewable Calcium 400Mg, 60 Tabs

With Vitamin D and FOS, pleasant lemon flavour Each tablet delivers:Calcium (as Carbonate) 400m..

13.64€ 11.59€ Ex Tax: 9.35€

Lamberts - Choline 200 mg - Inositol 200 mg, 60 capsules

Lamberts Choline and Inositol Capsules supplies pure Choline and Inositol and is manufactured in the..

21.76€ 18.49€ Ex Tax: 14.91€

Lamberts - Chromium Complex, 60 Tabs

200 mcg of Chromium (as picolinate) plus other essential nutrients. Ingredients:Chromium (as Pi..

29.61€ 22.21€ Ex Tax: 17.91€

Lamberts - Cinnamon 2500mg, 60 Tabs

High strength one-a-day tablets. Each tablet delivers: Cinnamon Bark  2500mg (as 250mg of a 4:1 ex..

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Lamberts - CLA 1000mg, 90 caps

The most popular supplement for body toning. Each capsule provides: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (80%) ..

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Lamberts - CO-ENZYME Q10 30MG / 100MG, 30CAPS - 100 MG

Plays a vital role in the release of energy from food.   Also known as ubiquinone, co-enzyme Q10 is..

36.41€ 30.95€ Ex Tax: 24.96€

Lamberts - CO-ENZYME Q10 30MG / 100MG, 30CAPS - 30 MG

Plays a vital role in the release of energy from food.   Also known as ubiquinone, co-enzyme Q10 is..

21.90€ 18.61€ Ex Tax: 15.01€

Lamberts - Cod Liver Oil 1000mg, 180 Caps

The most important active components of Cod Liver Oil are two fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These are Om..

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Lamberts - Cranberry Complex Powder, 100gr

High Strength Cranberry with Vitamin C and prebiotic soluble fibre. Each 5 grams delivers:Cranb..

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Lamberts - E-250Iu Natural, 100Caps

Vitamin E protects every cell in the body from ‘free radicals’ through its antioxidant properties an..

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