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OMEGA PHARMA - PlacAway Daily Care Strong 500ml

Plac Away Daily Care Mouthwash 500ml The mouthwash Plac Away Daily Care, without alcohol, is: 1. F..

10.53€ 7.06€ Ex Tax: 5.69€

OMEGA PHARMA - BENEGAST DIMEXANOL, 10 effervescent tablets

Dimexanol™ has been created for adults & children suffering from acute and chronic diarrhea, to not ..

11.19€ 8.39€ Ex Tax: 6.77€

OMEGA PHARMA - Benegast Reduflux, 20 chewable tabs

BENEGAST Reduflux 20 tablets Reduflux is a heartburn fighter based on high quality alginate extract..

6.18€ 4.40€ Ex Tax: 3.55€

OMEGA PHARMA - Benegast Reduflux™ Peppermint, 15 Liquid Drinking Sachets

Reduflux™ has been created to provide a fast & long lasting relief from heartburn & indigestion. Re..

8.37€ 6.27€ Ex Tax: 5.06€

OMEGA PHARMA - BENEGAST REDUGAS, 20 chewable tablets

Who should attend?  Many of us can sometimes experience bloating, stomach, mainly due to the trappe..

8.63€ 5.77€ Ex Tax: 4.65€

OMEGA PHARMA - Benegast Regulamine, 30 liquid sticks x 6gr

Benegast Regulamine 30 Sticks Adjusting Intestine Function Regulamine is a unique combination of tw..

11.19€ 8.39€ Ex Tax: 6.77€

Omega Pharma - CB12 Mouthwash, 250ml

CB 12 MOUTHWASH, 250mlUnique, long-lasting mouth rinse proven to prevent and neutralise bad br..

15.36€ 10.96€ Ex Tax: 8.84€

OMEGA PHARMA - Lactacyd Intimo, 400ml

gentle enough to use every day  Lactacyd Femina Daily Protective Wash is a unique, new, soap-free d..

5.67€ 3.64€ Ex Tax: 3.43€

OMEGA PHARMA - Lactacyd Pharma 250ml

Purification of sensitive area with antifungal agents..

7.85€ 5.09€ Ex Tax: 4.80€

OMEGA PHARMA - Paranix Prevent, 100ml

Cares and at the same time prevents the appearance of lice on the scalp. Sprayable lotion treatment ..

10.52€ 6.73€ Ex Tax: 5.43€