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Brand: Elancyl
Firming Body Cream, and your skin is firm, toned and smooth! Thanks to its anti-collagenase and anti-elastase active agent, this comprehensive skin care solution helps skin to recover its firmness, and contributes to improving the elasticity and tonicity of the supporting networks (collagen and el..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Gel Douche Energisant 200mlWith Guarana extract for perfect cleansing and energy.This soap-free gel transforms into rich foam in contact with water and gently cleanses the skin giving it toning and energy.Guarana tonic extract helps the skin regain its natural softness and a fine aroma.Derma..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Gommage Moussant Energising Foaming Scrub 150mlDaily body careFor gentle exfoliation. With exfoliating molecules and a rich foam, it gently prepares and cleanses the skin during the shower.The ivy tonic extract helps the skin regain its natural softness and a fine aroma.Avoid eye contact.Der..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl My Coach Cream for Cellulite and Weight Loss 200mlCare that multiplies the results of the small daily effort, inspired by the metabolism of athletes. Slimming and toning the skin. Smoothing the appearance of orange peelIngredients / Actions:Microphyxis (Produced in Elancyl laboratories with ..
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Brand: Elancyl
Body tightening - Chest tightening & décolletéBREAST TIGHTENING TERMRemodeling, sculpting, tightening effectWith sweet almond extractComplete care for a beautiful bust (chest, neck & décolleté). Combines firming and antioxidant ingredients for firmer and toned skin.This delicious, non-g..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Slim Design 45+ Anti-Sagging 200ml1st total care exclusively for women 45+DISMISSAL - RESEARCH REQUIREMENT - AND CONCLUSIONA new active ingredient: the firming apple extract.Clinically proven anti-relaxation action from the 14th day.Visible effect against cellulite and smoothing the appearan..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Slim Design Huile Minceur 150ml CELLULITE AND RAGADESAs a result of slimming Impairment of visible imperfections: Stretch marks, tightening of the silhouette - Releases and removes lipids **EVENING ACTIVITY & CLINICAL TestsThe first total weight loss oil from Elancyl laboratories, b..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Slim Design Stomach & Stubborn Areas 150mlElancyl Slim Design Minceur - Tenseur Slimming-Tightening.INNOVATION [Caffeine + Instensyl ™ *] Weakening and maintaining tightening capital1. Immediate tightening effect [Instensyl ™]2. It finishes and sculpts with a lasting result:- Fat release..
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Brand: Elancyl
Elancyl Slim Massage & Gant GelFor Anti-Cellulite Massage & Slimming Glove1st slimming device, which reproduces the professional technique of palpation-scrolling, massage method reference point for the fight against cellulitePalpation, scrolling and mainly sandingELANCYL Laboratories created..
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