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GEHWOL Bunion Cushion G, 1pic

The soft, highly elastic pad provides unique protection and comfort...

11.49€ 7.81€ Ex Tax: 6.30€

GEHWOL Caring Footdeo Spray, 150ML

Refreshing deodorizes protects cares fresh feet for the whole day. With urea Dermatologically test..

13.29€ 9.97€ Ex Tax: 8.04€

GEHWOL Fluid, 15ML

Gehwol Fluid - Professional foot care/treatment for ingrown toenails, calluses and corns. Product de..

9.41€ 6.77€ Ex Tax: 5.46€

GEHWOL Foot Bath, 200g

With balsamic herbal oils. Alleviates aching feet, revitalises tired feet. Gehwol Foot Bath helps ..

14.48€ 10.43€ Ex Tax: 8.41€

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream, Milk and Honey for well cared feet and legs, 125ml

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT Soft Feet Cream's gently caring base contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other va..

15.73€ 13.37€ Ex Tax: 10.78€

GEHWOL Gerlan Nail Care, 15ML

For fragile finger- and toenails and to support the preparative treatment of nail mycosis. Promotes ..

13.29€ 9.57€ Ex Tax: 7.72€

Gehwol Heel Cushion G, MEDIUM, 2PCS

All Gehwol products are extremely effective and well tolerated. The Gehwol range is exactly matche..

27.75€ 21.09€ Ex Tax: 17.01€

Gehwol Heel Cushion G, SMALL, 2PCS

All Gehwol products are extremely effective and well tolerated. The Gehwol range is exactly matche..

27.75€ 18.59€ Ex Tax: 14.99€

GEHWOL Leg Balm, 125ml

Allantoin & bisabolene, active ingredients of horse chestnut & chamomile, as well as panthenol have ..

13.79€ 10.34€ Ex Tax: 8.34€

GEHWOL Med Callus Cream, 75ML

Urea in high concentrations strengthened with glycerin and allantoin quickly loosens the cell bond o..

12.05€ 8.07€ Ex Tax: 6.51€

GEHWOL Med Foot Powder, 100GR

Special disinfectant powder that helps keep feet dry, smooth, odourless and prevents athlete's foot...

14.20€ 9.51€ Ex Tax: 7.67€

GEHWOL Med Lipidro Cream, 75ml

Contains precious ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn Oil, Avocado Oil and Urea combined with Algae Ex..

11.72€ 7.85€ Ex Tax: 6.33€

GEHWOL Med Nail Protection Pen, 3ML

The Gehwol Med Nail Protection Pen provides long term care for the nails and protection against fung..

15.05€ 11.28€ Ex Tax: 9.10€

GEHWOL med Nail Softener, 15ml

Prevents ingrown toenails and strong cornification. Makes cuticles elastic. Active Ingredients: Med..

11.45€ 8.58€ Ex Tax: 6.92€

GEHWOL Med Protective and Moisturizing Skin Oil, 15ML

Contains high-quality substances, such as wheat germ oil, panthenol, & bisabolene for nail & skin ca..

13.58€ 10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.22€

Gehwol med Protective Nail & Skin Cream 15ml

Effectively protects against fungal infections and the nails and skin regains its elasticity and bea..

13.60€ 10.19€ Ex Tax: 8.22€

GEHWOL Med Salve for Cracked Skin, 75 ml

Indications Ointment for severe hard skin, or very cracked, dry or rough skin. Protects the skin an..

11.58€ 7.87€ Ex Tax: 6.35€

GEHWOL Metatarsal Cushion G Small, 2PCS

A comfortable elastic pad, polymer gel coated on both sides with textile...

25.01€ 16.75€ Ex Tax: 13.51€