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A&D UA-767S-W Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Wired Communication

A&D Medical UA-767 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Wired CommunicationClinically validated..

75.31€ 51.84€ Ex Tax: 41.81€

ACTA - A&D Blood pressure monitor, 1 pic

Primacare Analog sphygmomanometer with integrated stethoscope..

27.33€ 17.61€ Ex Tax: 14.20€

ACTA - A&D Wrist Blood Pressure UΒ-510 (Best value model)

A&D's regional models are designed for specific regions. The first two regional models are the UA-62..

61.00€ 53.07€ Ex Tax: 42.80€

ACTA - A&D Digital blood pressure monitor UB-525

A&D UB-525 blood pressure monitorUB-525 auto wrist blood pressure monitor with 60 memory and ave..

65.16€ 40.11€ Ex Tax: 32.35€