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INTERMED Actisept Sea Salt, 500ml

Oral solution with mild antiseptic action...

7.50€ 5.43€ Ex Tax: 4.38€

INTERMED Babyderm Girl's Intimate Wash, 300ml.

INTERMED Babyderm Girl's Intimate Wash, 300ml.Babyderm Girl’s intimate washBabyderm Girls intimate w..

9.68€ 7.26€ Ex Tax: 6.85€

INTERMED Chlorhexil 0,20% Mouthwash 250ml

Chlorhexidine 0.20% USE: Effective anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory protection of the oral cavi..

11.32€ 7.13€ Ex Tax: 5.75€

INTERMED Chlorhexil 0.20% Gel 30ml

Specially designed gel, for the treatment of located wounds in the oral cavity. Effectively fights..

9.19€ 5.78€ Ex Tax: 4.66€

INTERMED Eva Douche Aloe Vera 147ml

Vaginal wash with aloe. Purification and rejuvenation. Eva Douche Aloe Vera is specifically design..

6.00€ 4.01€ Ex Tax: 3.23€

INTERMED Eva Douche Baking Soda pH 9.0 147ml

Use: Recommended for women who suffer from trichomoniasis vaginitis or because of the microbe gardne..

6.00€ 3.78€ Ex Tax: 3.05€

INTERMED Eva Douche Chamomile 147ml

Vaginal wash with chamomile. Cleansing and relief. Eva Douche Chamomile is a specially designed di..

6.00€ 3.77€ Ex Tax: 3.04€

INTERMED Eva Douche Normal 147ml

Vaginal wash with vinegar. Purification and rejuvenation. Eva Douche Normal is a specially designe..

5.04€ 3.77€ Ex Tax: 3.04€