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HYDROVIT Anti-Acne Cream, 50ml

Cream for the daily treatment of acne and oily Includes: Micro-complex Tea Tree Oil and cyclodextri..

22.48€ 19.41€ Ex Tax: 15.65€

HYDROVIT Anti-Acne Lotion, 200ml

Daily, fresh, non-greasy lotion is ideal for oily, acne prone and Akneic skins Contains: Tea tree o..

13.00€ 11.05€ Ex Tax: 8.91€

HYDROVIT Anti-Ageing Cream, 50ml

Wrinkle cream with anti-ageing action. Contains: DPHP (Palmitic Acid and Hydroxyproline), Urea, Squ..

31.96€ 26.04€ Ex Tax: 21.00€

HYDROVIT Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Vitamins & Fresh 150ml

HYDROVIT Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Vitamins & Fresh 150ml The Hydrovit Anti-dandruff Vitamins & fresh ..

16.23€ 13.53€ Ex Tax: 10.91€

HYDROVIT Anti-Spot Cream, 50ml

Cream with decolourizing and antioxidant action Contains: Vitamin C-PMg (micro-complex with Magnesi..

32.26€ 27.42€ Ex Tax: 22.11€

HYDROVIT Baby Body Milk, 150ml

Specially designed for moisturizing emulsion for sensitive skin and atopic Contains: Omega-3 and Om..

11.80€ 10.02€ Ex Tax: 8.08€

HYDROVIT Baby shampoo & bath 200ml

Mild shampoo and shower gel, ideal for sensitive and atopic skin Contains: Allantoin, Panthenol, al..

12.60€ 10.24€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

HYDROVIT Base D-Panthenol Cream, 100ml

Cream for the daily care and skin hydration Contains: D-Panthenol, Allantoin. Uses:Daily hydra..

8.77€ 7.27€ Ex Tax: 5.86€

HYDROVIT BIOMINERAL Emulsion 20 ml & Special rasp 12 cm

Emulsion 20 ml with cystine, Lipids , Vitamins Special rasp 12 cm for brittle nails. The emulsion c..

21.42€ 18.21€ Ex Tax: 14.69€

HYDROVIT BIOTRIN Hair Tonic Lotion 100ml

Biotrin Hair Tonic Lotion contains three natural plant extracts Coltsfoot, Yarrow and Cinchona, resp..

24.50€ 20.82€ Ex Tax: 16.79€


Hydrovit Biotrin DS Shampoo TARGET Shampoo for dandruff, seborrhea, greasy 150ml Contains: Climbazo..

16.23€ 13.53€ Ex Tax: 10.91€


Biotrin Shampoo contains Yeast extract, a refreshing and nourishing agent, rich in proteins, aminoac..

16.23€ 13.53€ Ex Tax: 10.91€


The Biotrin Tar combines the cleaning, and the keratolytic, antismigmatorroikes, antiseptic, antibac..

16.23€ 13.53€ Ex Tax: 10.91€

HYDROVIT Body Milk 150ml

Specially formulated lotion to hydrate the sensitive and atopic skin Contains: Omega-3 and omega-6 ..

15.53€ 12.72€ Ex Tax: 10.26€

HYDROVIT Eye & Lip Care Cream 20ml

Anti-wrinkle cream for eyes and lips. The Hydrovit Eye & Lip Care Cream is a cream, especially for ..

16.43€ 13.36€ Ex Tax: 10.77€

HYDROVIT Hand Cream 100ml

Cream to moisturize and protect the Hand Contains: Allantoin, D-Panthenol, Dimethicone uses:Da..

11.19€ 9.31€ Ex Tax: 7.51€

HYDROVIT Intim Intimcare pH 4,5 150ml

Cleansing fluid for the sensitive area and body. Contains: Menthol, Phospholipids, Herbal Extracts...

16.23€ 12.88€ Ex Tax: 10.39€

HYDROVIT Mild Softsoap pH 5,5 150ml

Mild face and body wash.  Contains: Lactic Acid, Urea, Glycerin, Serine, Glycine Betaine. Uses: ..

16.23€ 13.53€ Ex Tax: 10.91€

HYDROVIT Select Day Emulsion, 50ml

Face cream with moisturizing and antioxidant properties Contains: Herbal Extracts (Filagrinol), D-P..

25.61€ 21.34€ Ex Tax: 17.21€

HYDROVIT Zinco Protective Cream, 100ml

Special cream for protection and regeneration of sensitive skin. Contains: Zinc Oxide 10%, D-Panthe..

11.19€ 9.31€ Ex Tax: 7.51€