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Microlife BP A3 Plus - Automatic Pressure Meter 1pic

Microlife BP A3 PC - Automatic Pressure MeterThe MICROLIFE BP A3PC pressure gauge is clinically test..

77.69€ 48.11€ Ex Tax: 38.80€

Microlife - BP A6 PC - Automatic Digital Pressure Meter

Microlife - BP A6 PC - Automatic Digital Pressure MeterThe MICROLIFE BP A6 PC sphygmomanometer is cl..

77.86€ 66.18€ Ex Tax: 53.37€

Microlife BP B2 Basic Digital Bratsou Pressure Gap with Detection of Irregular Heart Pulses, 1 pcs.

Microlife BP B2 BasicDigital Arm Blood Pressure MonitorThe Microlife BP B2 Basic digital arm sphygmo..

44.49€ 38.68€ Ex Tax: 31.19€

Microlife BP B2 EASY Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife BP B2 EasyFully automatic arm sphygmomanometer with PAD technology for arrhythmia detectio..

36.49€ 31.79€ Ex Tax: 25.64€

MICROLIFE NC 150 Non Contact Forehead Thermometer

Microlife Forehead Thermometer NC150Non contact thermometer for measuring exact measurements wi..

59.89€ 33.54€ Ex Tax: 27.05€