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SANOFI MeliaBisolvon 100ml

MeliaBisolvon Natural Cough Syrup 100mlTo MeliaBisolvon is a natural syrup relieves dry coughs and s..

10.09€ 7.38€ Ex Tax: 5.95€

SANOFI Pharmaton Geriatric 20 effervescent disks with orange taste

Pharmaton Geriatric contains active ingredients to enhance the energy of the body and give it the vi..

14.86€ 9.35€ Ex Tax: 7.54€

SANOFI Pharmaton Geriatric Ginseng G115 30 soft caps

Reduces exhaustion and enhances the memory and the immune system.Geriatric Pharmaton are a range of ..

14.86€ 9.35€ Ex Tax: 7.54€

SANOFI Phytobisolvon Complete 180gr

For Dry and Productive CoughPhytoBisolvon Complete is a medical device suitable for cough (dry and p..

11.12€ 7.73€ Ex Tax: 6.23€