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Podia Extra Long Tube Fabric & Gel 15cm x 15cm 1pc

The deformities of the toes are easily perceptible and are mainly due to the dysfunction of the musc..

9.01€ 6.04€ Ex Tax: 4.87€

Podia Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters 5pic

Pain relief, Blisters - Hydrocolloid padsA small blister on our feet can prove to be a major nuisanc..

7.28€ 4.76€ Ex Tax: 3.84€

Podia Nails Intensive Care Serum 10ml

Podia Nails Intensive Care Serum Intensive Serum 10mlWith Microsphere Technology designed to boost t..

11.09€ 8.87€ Ex Tax: 7.15€

Podia Anti-Callus Keratolytic Cream 75ml

Keratolytic cream to combat callus, hardening and hyperkeratosis of the skin.With salicylic acid and..

12.15€ 9.11€ Ex Tax: 7.35€

Podia Athete's Foot Deospray, 150ml

Podia Athlete's Foot DeoSpray features a specialized dermatological composition and unique mechanism..

12.15€ 8.15€ Ex Tax: 6.57€

Podia Athlete’s Foot Deopowder Powder 100gr

Podia Double Protection Sweat & Fungus Powder is a medical device, rich in medicinal purity ingr..

12.15€ 8.51€ Ex Tax: 6.86€

Podia Bunion Immediate Relief Elastic Sleeve One Size,1pc

For use on left and right footExtremely elastic fabric.Comfort and stability.Immediate relief.Stable..

14.35€ 10.34€ Ex Tax: 8.34€

Podia Bunion Total Relief Protector & Separator 1pc

Podia Bunion Total Relief Protector & SeparatorThe 2-in-1 Knot Protective + Podia Separator is s..

17.45€ 11.69€ Ex Tax: 9.43€

Podia Cracked Heels Drastic Recovery Cream, 75ml

Podia Cracked Heels Drastic Recovery Cream is an intensive care cream specifically designed to regen..

12.15€ 9.11€ Ex Tax: 7.35€

Podia Diabetic's Foot Protection & Care Cream, 100ml

Podia Foot Cream with 15% Urea Diabetic Foot Creamis a product specifically designed to address all ..

16.72€ 12.54€ Ex Tax: 10.11€

Podia Extra-comfort Gel Spreader+Ring 2pcs

2 patches in 1It immediately relieves the problem area from pressure and frictionEffectively prevent..

9.20€ 6.16€ Ex Tax: 4.97€

PODIA Pumice Soap Dual Act 100gr

The Podia Double Action & Double Soap product is specially designed to effectively remove mild h..

5.51€ 4.95€ Ex Tax: 3.99€

Podia Tired & Heavy Legs 150ml

It is a medical device, specially designed to safely and immediately relieve the symptoms associated..

15.64€ 11.72€ Ex Tax: 9.45€