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Aboca - FITOMAGRA Libramed, 138 tabs

Aboca - FITOMAGRA Libramed, 138 tabs
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Aboca - FITOMAGRA Libramed, 138 tabs
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For the treatment of overweight and obesity 100% natural. 

LibraMed fitomarga Controls glycemic peaks limiting the accumulation of fat and the sense of hungry.

For the treatment of overweight and obesity, and for reducing the ventricular region.

The libramed has the action of a complex polysaccharide macromolecules has been patented.


Due to its mechanism of action is indicated for:

  •      Adults overweight & obesit with increased abdominal circumference k even with normal weight
  •      Children 8 years and older if overweight

Duration of treatment at least 2 months while it is important to stop for 2-3 days after each month of treatment.


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