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EUBOS - Cream Bath Oil, 200ml

EUBOS - Cream Bath Oil, 200ml
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EUBOS - Cream Bath Oil, 200ml
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Cleanses. Protects.

Eubos Cream Bath Oil is an alkali-and-soap free, neutral pH, synthetic detergent-lipid combination that provides gentle cleansing, and care for your baby. It is formulated with a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Camomile extract with Bisabolol, thus leaving a smooth and supple feeling. Eubos Bath Oil is an ideal replacement for soap because it's mild cleansing effect won't affect the natural biosphere (protective layer) of your baby's skin like conventional soaps do.

So use Eubos Cream Bath Oil when you bathe or shower your child for complete head-to-toe cleansing and protection.

Comfort & Hygiene All Day, Every Day

Eubos Cream Bath Oil doesn't just clean your baby's skin; it also helps provide your baby with relief from dry skin that itches and tightens as well as other conditions such as ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, NAPPY RASH, CRADLE CAP and PRICKLY HEAT that may irritate your child's sensitive skin.

Eubos Cream Bath Oil also provides gentle cleansing and good hygiene for mothers; it is especially ideal for relieving dry, scaly, stressed and sensitive skin. Thus, regular use will help keep both your skin, and your baby's, soft, smooth and healthy, giving you complete comfort all day, every day.

For bathing: Add 10-20ml directly to running water and bathe without using soap.

For showering: Apply to damp skin for few minutes to allow Eubos Cream Bath Oil to take effect, then rinse without using soap.

After bath or shower: Apply Eubos Dermal Balsam or Dermal Balsam F for enhanced moisturisation and protection.

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