INTERMED D3 Fix Drops 30ml

-35% INTERMED D3 Fix Drops 30ml

vitamin D3 dietary supplement is water-soluble thus ensuring that excellent absorption and high bioavailability.

D3 Fix Drops is a vitamin D3 food supplement (cholecalciferol) as an oral solution in drops, to cover increased requirements of vitamin D3   or in the event of deficiency.

In D3 Fix Drops Vitamin D3 is in a hydrosoluble form  thus ensuring excellent absorption  and high bioavailability.


Infants – children

• Premature infants

• Infants born from mothers with vitamin D deficiency

• Infants exclusively breastfed

• Infants being fed with non maternal milk, the daily consumption of which does not exceed 1Lt

• Dark –skinned children or children who use sunscreen

• Children and adolescents( development)

• Obese children or children who do not follow a balanced diet

• Children with chronic diseases

• Children undergoing pharmaceutical treatment with antiepileptic medication or corticosteroids


• Housebound or institutionalized people who spend many hours indoors or make extensive use of sunscreen

• Patients with chronic diseases or peptic disorders

• Obese patients, patients with poor nutrition, vegans

• Dark-skinned people

• People undergoing pharmaceutical treatment for control of cholesterol (cholestyramine) as well as antiepileptic medications or corticosteroids

• Post menopausal women with osteopenia

• Elderly with osteoporosis & with history of fractures

• Pregnant women

Packaging with dropper vial of 30ml (200IU D3 / drop).

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