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VICHY LIFTACTIV Collagen Specialist face cream 50ml

VICHY LIFTACTIV Collagen Specialist face cream 50ml
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VICHY LIFTACTIV Collagen Specialist face cream 50ml
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Loaded with the most powerful dermatological ingredients of natural origin Liftactiv Collagen Specialist empowers your skin to de-age biologically and progressively to correct the signs of collagen loss on skin. A powder-like enveloping texture for instant lift and confort.


This cream is recommanded for women looking for ultra anti-aging performance, skin health perfection and interested by natural ingredients.

A day cream for correction of collagen loss signs on skin

Proven and visible efficacy on wrinkles, sagginess, tonicity, pigmentation

Efficacy (details)

Immediately: Tonicity +52%*; Improved relief

* Clinical test, 40 women

At 8 hours: Hydration +23%*

* Clinical test, 24 women

At 4 weeks: Wrinkles -16%*

* Clinical test, 58 women

At 8 weeks: Wrinkles -24%*; sagginess and pigmentation considerably decreased

* Clinical test, 58 women

Application (details)

Apply on a thin layer on cleansed and dry skin.

Hypoallergenic. Tested on sensitive skin.

Correct signs of collagen loss on skin.

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