Frezyderm Psoriasis PS.T. Step 3 Cell Balance Cream 75ml

New -30% Frezyderm Psoriasis PS.T. Step 3 Cell Balance Cream 75ml

Frezyderm PS.T. Flakes Balance Cream Step 3

  • Combines with all treatment regimens.
  • Free of fragrance and parabens
  • Product CE
  • Specialized cream with biomimetic action, which reduces redness, itching and normalizes skin function. With its active ingredients and natural oils, it relieves and reduces inflammation, reduces cell proliferation, normalizes the maturation of keratinocytes.
  • Accelerates the improvement of the disease as it enhances the medicinal effect of the treatment. It does not smell or stain. It is combined with all treatment regimens, in phase of exacerbation and remission, is administered as an alternative treatment, or as care in phase of remission.


  • Psoriatic skin, red, thin, sensitive, with scales
  • Mitotic activity, irritation, itching, inflammation
  • Hyperkeratotic skin diseases
  • Alternative treatment
  • Care in a phase of recession


  • Daily regular use.
  • Apply it on clean skin on the affected area.


Palmitoyl Tripeptide: Prevention and reversal of signs of neurogenic inflammation

Oligopeptide | GPI-Choline: Regulation of IL-1, IL-6, TNF-α production

Larrea Divaricata: Antimitotic action

Pacea Abies Extract: Antioxidant Action Healing

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